We are now offering a free version of our basic, online menu maker.  

It is free to use - we just require our back link to stay intact.

If you want the back link removed, we require a $100 per year fee to use the program.

Just paste a simple code like the one below onto any page where you want your menu to display!

<div id=menuMaker><a id=referalLink href="">Menu Maker For Restaurants</a></div> <script src="" type="text/javascript" language=javascript></script>

Deluxe Online Menu Coming Soon!

We are also developing a deluxe version that we are very excited about.  

When it becomes available, you'll be notified and will have an opportunity to upgrade to it (with a nice discount) for becoming an "early adopter".

Until then, enjoy the free version.

The free version will continue to be available when the deluxe version is rolled out, so don't worry!


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