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Note that our program is "theme" driven and NOT "templated."  What this means is that it is fully customisable.

Save Money by Self-Constructing Your Website

We charge about $100 per page for custom website development using the same program that we are offering for you use free.  So, if you hired us to build a 7 page website "with all the bells and whistles" it would cost you about $700.  If you do it yourself, you can save $700.

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DIY Terms of Service

  1. DIY website building service is limited to 30 days.  Your access to the website builder will expire after 30 days unless you subscribe to a paid service. You may also choose to hire us to complete your restaurant website for you.

  2. DIY website building service requires hosting your site with us.  Our budget plan is $150/yr.  This must be purchased by the end of your 30 day DIY service period.

  3. DIY website building service does NOT include our website editor for maintenance and phone support.  This must be purchased.  If you want to continue to have access to the website builder after your free 30 day program, you'll need to subscribe.  

    (Bundles start at $50/mo: includes domain, hosting, editor, free menu maker and unlimited phone support)

  4. DIY website building service does NOT require that you purchase a subscription bundle.  You must only do so if you want to maintain access to the builder and phone support.  You may choose the lite hosting for $150 per year and then pay us to make edits for you if you want.  (There is a minimum $25 fee for webmaster services and the rate is $60 per hour.  For clients using this service, fees rarely exceed the $25 minimum)

    Note: if you embed your Facebook feed, your posts will show on your site without access to the website editor.  If you are using our menu maker, you will continue to have access to it and your changes will automatically post to your website as well.  You will NOT need access to the website editor for this to work, either.

  5. Please note that we are offering this DIY website building service free because we are not having to devote the time that it would take for us to build your website for you.  If you want our help, you'll have to pay for it.  We think that's fair.  

    Please do NOT call for support for the DIY website building service.  

    DIY stands for Do it Yourself.  That is what this is! We've got to charge for our time when it is required.

  6. Our website builder and CMS is easy to use and is very intuitive, but that does not mean that you will be successful building your own website.  

    Just because you CAN do it yourself doesn't mean that you WILL.

    Because of our experience since 1998, we don't think it is the best way to get it done, either.

    I do choose to keep my own garden ... but I don't drill my own teeth!

    If you can afford to have us build your site, you should do it.  The outcome will be a lot faster (2-3 days at most) and it will be done perfectly, too.  :-) 


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