You're Right! Nothing is Completely Free.

The "charge" for using our free, basic online menu program is a back-link to our website.  The link is embedded in the code snippet that you will use to display your menu on websites.  So, there you have it!  That's the way we justify FREE.

It is our hope that users of our free menu will try out our website hosting, website design and website local search marketing products that we sell.  Yep.  We've gotta' make some money somehow!

The menu maker is free for you to use and you can easily embed it on your website with a 2 line code snippet.  

What to do if you want our back-link removed

Don't try to remove the link yourself.  The code will not work without it!

If you want the link back to us removed, just pay us $100 per year.

We think that's fair.  We hope you do as well.

Host Your Site with Us and the Menu Maker is Free!

If you are one of our hosting clients, you'll get the menu maker free.

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