How to Use the Best Choice Restaurants Free Menu Maker

How to Use the Best Choice Restaurants Free Menu Maker

How to Use the Best Choice Restaurants Free Menu Maker?

  1. Sign up FREE.

  2. Add as many CATEGORIES as you want for your menu.  You may also add an image to represent the category and a description.

  3. Add as many ITEMS to your categories as you want.  You may add an image, title, description & price.

  4. Click on the PREVIEW button from within your Menu Manager to see what your menu will look like.  Please Note: it will open in a new tab and it will scale to the full width of your browser window.  It will automatically scale down when the browser window is resized smaller, so it will fit nicely in your website and will scale for smaller screens and mobile phones.

  5. Click the SNIPPET buttom from within your Menu Manager and your code will be revealed.  Take this code (or email it to your webmaster) and have them place it on your website.  

    If you need help with this, if you give us access to your website hosting account, we will do it for you for a 1 time $50 fee.

    A link back to us (that is embedded in your code snippet) is all that we ask.  If you remove it ... your menu won't work, so don't try it, OK?  We will gladly remove the link for you for a fee of $100 per year.

  6. Log in any time to make edits via your Menu Manager.  The changes will automatically be visible anywhere the code snippet is inserted and published!

  7. You are free to post your menu snippet on as many pages as you want and as many websites as you want.  This means your restaurant menu can be on an unlimited number of websites and pages!  It will work on any site.

If you would like to do a quick test for your website, just copy and paste the HTML code below where you would like to see the menu on your site!

<div id=menuMaker><a id=referalLink href="">Menu Maker For Restaurants</a></div> <script src="" type="text/javascript" language=javascript></script>

Please Note that the free version has an alternating link that will print below your menu.  If someone taps on that link, it will bring them to our website.

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