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The Deluxe Online Menu Maker by Best Choice Restaurants!


  • Fully Responsive to Mobile Devices (works beautifully on Android or iPhones)
  • Need Help?  Call - we support by phone!
  • Unlimited Menu Categories
    • Name of Category
    • Image to Represent Category
    • Brief Description of Category
  • Unlimited Menu Items
    • Name of Menu Item
    • Price of Menu Item
    • Photo of Menu Item
      • Uses the popular "lite box" for viewing images
  • Menu is stored on our site
    • You may link to it directly
  • EZ Snippet Copy / Paste to make menu work on your own site(s)!
    • Better method than linking from your site to ours ... just post the code on your site and your menu will display seamlessly and beautifully!


  • Signup Free!  (No catches, we don't even ask for credit card or billing info ...)
  • Basic Menu is FREE to use
  • If you want the back-link removed
    • Don't try yourself!  Your menu will not work without it!
    • We will remove for you
    • Cost is $100 per year
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Menu Maker

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